Sunday, October 19, 2008

pornography and obscenity

I was doing a research about the US constitution and the amendments. There are a lot of points I have learn about how the federal government and the local government perform. Is interesting about the amendments and the freedom of speech, assembly and religion. But one of the topics that came across was about pornography. I am not going to lie, like everybody I have seen pornography, and even rent videos and bought magazines when being a adolescent. It is interesting that for many years the supreme court and many legal instruments find hard to distinguish between pornography and obscenity. A lot of perverts and retarded porn activist have found protection under the first amendment - which establishes that you are free to say almost anything except that which is obscene - many justices and courts have had hard time finding the boundaries between obscenity and pornography. I mean, because i am free to say whatever i think (while is not obscenity) i believe sex is intimate it shouldn't be a thing for public entertainment for god's sake! I mean seriously man, yes you man (or lady) you are reading this you gonna tell me that you are gonna give your money to a bunch of losers and perverts? man have some f#$#$ self respect! oh yeah you feel like a real man don't you, when you are watching porn paying to those freaking websites making that f#$#$# people rich. I feel sorry for you man, you are such a looser.

I think is stupid and retarded just imaging anyone purchasing from a website. Now you would say "and you are perfect?" ha ha you looser dumb, that's why you have credit cards debts asshole!!!! save money dumb ass!

no I am not f$@#$ perfect but I have self respect and a lot of pride you piece of crap. I don't need drugs or spent my money on that crap. OK i know like everybody else I have purchased porn and went to strip clubs and magazines but that was when I was a little piece of in mature child. But that was years ago, I have realised that you must be a complete looser to buy porn -even when you can get it for free on the Internet- Yes you are! have some self respect!!

I'll tell you one thing, I can assure that never used my credit card on that piece of crap website I complete refuse to be part of this stupid party and make some retarded people rich! This got to stop now!!!

I hope all those sick and retarded people #$@# can't believe that there are more hardcore outlets than MacDonald's!!! (Hard-core porn outlets now outnumber McDonald's restaurants in America. (NCPCF)

Porn transforms people into perverts and rapers. Think about it. Seat on your house an d meditate on these things man! You still have time to change your life! Read your bible you'll find that the emptiness that you have can be filled!

God damn it think about this! And if you are not a porn addict i sincerely apologize and good on you!